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Join A Committee: Teamwork makes the Dream work

50th Anniversary Steering Committee (Anniece Robinson)

  • Guest Services

  • Vendor Management

  • Venue Logistics

  • Stage Management

  • Sponsorship

  • Entertainment

  • Decorations

  • Ticket Distribution

  • Promotions

  • Membership Management

  • Merchandising

Communications Committee (Tamika Young)

  • Develop messaging for designated audiences

  • Social Media Management

  • Email Blast

  • Text Blast

  • Survey Feedback

  • Presentation development



Sponsors Committee (Darrick Tucker)

  • Solicit sponsors

  • Solicit adds

  • Focus on FHS business owners

  • Develop and integrate all sponsor agreement and perks



School Liaison Committee (Charlotte Marks)

  • School request and activities channel thru liaison

  • New or unidentified projects brought to liaison to present to board

  • Provide support

  • Identify resource gaps


Scholarship Committee (Sheila Ervin)

  • Develop and implement Scholarship Program, processes and deadlines

  • Establish alignment with Guidance Counselor

Academics - Tutoring and ACT Committee         (Brenda Thompson and Yvette Salter)

  • Provide support to already established After School Tutoring Program

  • ACT Prep assistance




Membership Committee (Dr. Rodney Chism)

  • Recruit dues paying active members

  • Recruiting class reunion organizers

  • New Member Admin (data entry) critical role

  • Maintaining membership roster, identifying dues paid and other pertinent info




Team Building Activities Committee (Not filled yet)

  • Official Bulldog Stump

  • 1970 – 2020 Sing-alongs

  • Other activities in the future

  • Activities to be used for FHS events, Positive Pop-ups, etc.



Sports Committee (Not filled yet)

  • Fall activities

  • Other activities



Donors Committee (Dr. Lynnette Williams)

  • High dollar or resources contributors (individuals and companies

  • For year-round projects

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